Much ado about Sunday Hunting

A hotly contested issue that has a direct influence on Hampshire County is creeping back in the spotlight, partially thanks to social media and an ever-evolving demographic that is becoming more tolerant.

I usually stay out of it, but…

Take this with a grain of salt if you must.

Sunday hunting

West Virginia residents in 7 out of 9 counties voted yes to allow Sunday hunting on private property in the 2014 elections. Currently, 21 counties in West Virginia are now open to Sunday hunting on private property only.

Swimmers kick off winter sports season

The 2014-15 winter sports campaign is officially underway, and the Hampshire Trojan swim team found success in its 1st meet of the season last Saturday.

Kids: Help with our tree

Kids, we need your help.

Knocking the rust off

I used to play basketball a lot.

Swimmers jump in Saturday

Winter sports are underway at Hampshire High School and the swim team will be the 1st Trojan squad competing in the 2014-2015 campaign.

The luck of the draw

Every year it’s the same old routine when November rolls around.

Biddy Buddy clinic a big success

If you missed the 2nd annual Biddy Buddy Basketball Clinic, which was held last Saturday at Hampshire High School, you really missed out.

A few good months

I’m not one to go around wishing my life away, but can we go ahead and press fast-forward?

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