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It’s about to get interesting here

The week of Halloween is here, and things are about to get interesting in the deer woods.

Pinch me, I’m dreaming

2 weeks.

Closing in on 30 victories

The Hampshire volleyball team is pushing full speed ahead as they close out the regular season this week and await their postseason draw.

Both squads rush to states

One team lived up to expectations and the other one saved their best race for when it counted the most.


As the halftime horn sounded and the team funneled from the football field into the locker room last Friday night, the Hampshire Trojans found themselves in a position they haven’t been able to enjoy very much this season.

Drinking and driving don’t mix

Hampshire High School juniors and seniors were recently given a on hands-on demonstration of the perils of driving while drinking.

Players of the Week: 10-29-14


This week’s spotlight athletes.

Hot Couch Report: Gameday Cometh!

WVU, in its 34-10 victory against OK State Saturday, was like the big kid keeping the little kid at arm’s length by holding the little kid by his forehead as the little kid flails away without his fists ever landing on the big kid’s body.

Illness sweeps HHS staff, students

The 2nd to last week of October brought copious amounts of sick students and teachers to Hampshire High School.

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