DNR sets traps for bear that mauled man

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WARDENSVILLE —  West Virginia DNR officers are setting traps today for a bear that attacked a Virginia man Thursday in the George Washington National Forest.

Steven Krichbaum, 59, of Staunton, Va., fought off the attack and then drove himself to a fruit market in Virginia, where 911 was called. Krichbaum was taken to Winchester Medical Center and his dog, a lab mix who helped fend off the attack, was taken to an emergency animal hospital.

Krichbaum showed up at Richard’s Fruit Market west of Middlwtown, Va., around 1 p.m. Thursday.

The man and his dog were walking in the forest when they came upon a mother bear and her 2 cubs, according to reports. Apparently the dog, Henry, started chasing 1 of the cubs when the adult black bear began attacking Krichbaum, biting his thigh first, then arms and legs.

Krichbaum fought back and Henry ran back to help. Krichbaum hit the bear at one point with a rock.

Witnesses at the fruit market called the man’s wounds extensive and Virginia police said later that afternoon that he was in critical condition. Henry’s condition was much better.

This afternoon, DNR Wildlife Biologist Rich Rogers of the Romney office and Colin Carpenter, a bear biologist for DNR, set traps for the bear.

Carpenter said the attack is considered provoked because of the dog chasing the cub.


5 Comments for “DNR sets traps for bear that mauled man”

  1. I sincerely hope the bears will be relocated. That mother bear was only doing what her instincts told her to do.

  2. Sorry, but we have to care about the language. You can submit a cleaner version if you like.

  3. Another example of a mother caring for and protecting her young. There are leash laws in some states for pets. Probably wouldn’t have happened if the dog had been on a leash. Although I feel for the person who was attacked. I still think that the forest belongs to the wild life, after all it is their home.

  4. I actually personally called and spoke to a very nice biologist at the Romney DNR office who told me the traps are no longer out and they do not plan on doing anything else. So the bear and her cubs will not be bothered. And I was also informed that there is no leash law over in that area, I think that should be changed tho.


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