The Diamond Shoppe

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The DECA Club at HHS at the state DECA contest.

The DECA Club at HHS at the state DECA contest.

The members of the DECA club put their minds together and came up with a new fundraiser for Hampshire High School called “The Diamond Shoppe.” This is a store that is open during the last 10 minutes of every school lunch shift run by DECA members. Sean Gagliardo, member of DECA and a worker at the store says, “We needed a fundraiser, and since this is a business club, the idea seemed perfect.”

It serves 2 purposes. First: it gives DECA members hands-on experience in running all aspects of a business, both good and bad, and 2nd: it gives students a chance to make choices in spending their money.

The store is run like a true business. Members must fill out an employment application and submit it to the owner, Mrs. Detrick, teacher in charge of the club. There is also a manager, Isaak Lambert, senior at Hampshire; he makes sure the business is being run smoothly.

At the end of the school year a profit statement will be made and taxes will be taken out of the store. Snacks being sold include baked chips, protein bars and Rice Krispies Treats. They also sell Hampshire shirts and are working on getting school supplies and drinks. The store just opened 2 weeks ago but people seem to really enjoy it, and profits are increasingly getting better.

This is a great idea for a fundraiser, and I know students have really wanted an alternative snack to lunch. The students in charge of the store seem to be doing a really great job, and I hope they keep it up.

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