1-16-14 Dispatchers fired over Christmas broadcast

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PETERSBURG — A pair of 911 dispatchers for Grant County were fired this week after airing a Christmas message with overtly Christian overtones over the county’s pager system on Christmas Eve.

The broadcast by Hunter Whetzel and Jared Alt apparently focused on the birth of Jesus Christ and his death on the cross.

Alt told WV MetroNews that he thought the message of the true meaning of Christmas needed to be broadcast. Alt said the message was sent out when all emergency units in the county were in service and not out responding to emergency calls.

The men said the reasons cited when they were fired 2 days ago were insubordination and violation of FCC regulations regarding public safety frequency usage.

Both men said they will appeal the dismissals.

Grant County 911 officials told WV MetroNews they could not comment

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  1. Really fire them over saying about the true meaning of Christmas is bull them two men was working to save lives and you fire them I hope they take this to court and sue. This is why we have a messed up world we live in

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