9-2-13 September marks College Savings Month

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CHARLESTON – State college savings plans from around the country will join with West Virginia’s SMART529 plan in designating September as national College Savings Month.

“We’re enthusiastic about participating in College Savings Month,” said State Treasurer John Perdue, chairman of the SMART529 board. “This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the tremendous success of WV’s college savings plan. During the 11 years of its existence it has skyrocketed in assets and maintained excellent performance.”

College savings advocates point out a simple truth – the more a student’s family saves, the less burden in terms of student loan debt.

“Consider this,” the College Savings Plans Network website reads. “The average student loan debt is more than $27,000. Saving just a little each month helps drop this average down. Just $5 a day for 10 years will add $19,000 to your savings.”

Each state is highlighting accomplishments in respective plans. SMART529’s 11-year track record includes a five-cap rating for its WV Direct offering, from the website savingforcollege.com.

Those who meet certain income guidelines may qualify for funds to match contributions, up to a certain level. That plan is open to both new and current members. Income guidelines apply and may be found at SMART529.com. SMART529 may be reached by phone at 1-877-767-8529.

In addition, SMART529 has made ample use of social media. Find WVTreasury on Facebook, Twitter and the web for the latest information on SMART529 college savings.

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