‘The Bad Man’ puts Slanesville on TV

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SyFy show explores family’s creepy experience

[cleeng_content id=”707283390″ description=”Read it now!” price=”0.49″ t=”article”]SLANESVILLE — Did visitors from beyond the grave drive a family from their home here more than 15 years ago?

“Paranormal Witness” on the SyFy cable network examines that possibility. The episode, called “The Bad Man,” drew 1.1 million views when it premiered last Wednesday.

The show has Brian Kendall, his wife Belinda Milburn and their daughter Blaire recounting the increasingly disturbing incidents they experienced, interspersed with recreated scenes from their tale.

The house outside Slanesville.

The house outside Slanesville.

Kendall called the house “perfect, a rancher back in the middle of nowhere,” when he moved his wife, daughter, son Shaun and dog Cocoa there in the 1990s.

He was working as a carpenter at the time for the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. He would stay near there with his mother weeknights and be home on the weekends.

That left Belinda to cope with the children and weird occurrences that were occurring.

“I didn’t talk to Brian much about things that went on,” she said onscreen. “I didn’t want him to think I was crazy.”

A balloon at a birthday party hung in mid-air, the string pulled straight “as if someone was holding the string,” Belinda said.

When Brian took Blaire hunting with him, she stumbled across a burned-out SUV in the woods behind the home, a discovery that made creepier sense when Belinda heard the 2nd of 2 stories about abnormal events from the property’s past.

One tale, she said, was offered up by a woman she ran into at what appeared to be the Slanesville General Store.

The woman told her another house had stood on that property, but burned, killing the family living there.

Belinda connected that story with a cemetery she found. The 2 larger stones and 2 smaller stones had no names on them.

She and Blaire also speculated that might account for the children that began appearing — a girl who would silently watch young Blaire play and a boy who haunted Belinda’s dreams.

“The bad man,” whispered the girl at one point.

The child apparitions gave way to scarier moments like Cocoa’s disappearance, Blaire’s scary night camping outside and, worst of all, the Sunday night Belinda woke from a nightmare to hear screaming.

“I heard a blood-curdling screech like I had never heard before in my life,” she said. “It’s a sound that no mother ever wants to hear from her child.”

She found Shaun on the floor of his bedroom, his arm twisted up, broken.

“He said that the bad man did it,” Blaire recalled for the TV camera. “Maybe he moved on to him because he didn’t have protection like the little girl was protecting me.”

The family rushed the boy, who was not interviewed in the episode, to “the hospital” — presumably Hampshire Memorial Hospital in Romney.

Three days later when Belinda was bringing Shaun home, her car “just shut off.” As she and the boy began walking the dark road home, a woman drove by and offered them a ride — and the 2nd story.

“She called it a rumor,” Belinda said.

It seems a man accused of being a child molester lived in the woods behind the house.

Some local men lured him into the woods on the pretext of going hunting together.

“Once they got far enough into the woods,” Belinda said she was told, “they ambushed him and murdered him. His body was never found.”

A recreated scene in the episode shows the men torching the vehicle.

“I was so stunned by what she said that I don’t remember the rest of the ride back to the house,” Belinda said.

It was enough for Belinda to explain what had gone on.

“I knew then that it was him,” she said. “This man who had been hurting other children when he was alive now was hurting my children when he was dead.”

She wanted her family out of there.

“She said we’re moving. I was fine with that,” Brian said.

Belinda said she never went back to the house after that night.

Besides the interviews with the 3 family members, no other supporting evidence aired.

Production company Raw TV contacted the Review last fall looking for records, but didn’t uncover any.


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