8-7-13 Green Dot card scam in area

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The West Virginia  State Police Detachment in Romney is warning residents of Hampshire County  to be on alert for a scam involving Green Dot MoneyPak cards.

State police say attempts have been reported in the area recently of attempts to get people  to go to local stores to purchase Green Dot MoneyPak cards to pay a ‘tax’ or ‘insurance’ on winnings that they have supposedly won in a sweepstakes or lottery.

Once the victim purchases the card and surrenders the security code, the money is transferred to untraceable accounts and the money is lost.

Authorities warn  that these scams are becoming more difficult to trace every day and urge people don’t EVER give out your personal information, or even verify your information that the callers seem to already have over the phone. While it is difficult to impossible to trace these transactions after they have processed, as always, if you have been victim to such a scam, you should report it to local law enforcement.

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