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Admittedly, I’m still new at this. But I have had good role models to learn from.

In addition to being constantly moved by the perfectly sculpted words of sportswriters like Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post, I have the pleasure of being pretty close friends with Mike Burke, sports editor at the Cumberland Times News.

One of the things Mike does better than just about anyone I’ve found is writing a good tribute.

Unfortunately, often these tributes are posthumous.

After all, it’s when we have to say an unwanted and unexpected goodbye that all of us really spend a timetime thinking about the impact of an individual who is no longer around.

And Mike is great at that. Rarely a dry eye when he says goodbye.

The landscape of sports in small communities and smaller cities is still vast, and as the years go by and we lose people who have played such a defining part of so many lives it’s only fitting to honor those who have meant so much.

I learned a little bit about that this week, though thankfully not on a posthumous level.

As someone who’s been around for only 1 of his 40 plus years at the job, it’s hard for me to attempt a commentary, let alone a tribute, to a person with the roots planted in this area such as recently retired Wayne Mathias.

What I have seen from Mr. Mathias in my short time in Hampshire County can be summed up with one word— passion.


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