Fritz and Blizzard

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APMAFritzArenaThe Arenas had two West Highland Terriers, but when one died, it left both them and their other dog, Blizzard, bereft. It took some healing time before the couple felt as if they were ready to get another dog. They first thought they would buy a Westie from a breeder, but then it occurred to them to take a look on Petfinder.

There, the Phillipston, MA, couple found listings by Northern New England Westie Rescue, based in Manchester, NH, and saw both a Cairn Terrier and a Westie that interested them.

“I exchanged many emails about both, and Penny from NNEWR was wonderful,” Kathie Arena says. “She suggested a five-year-old Westie male named Fritz.” They took her suggestion and adopted the cute white pooch.

He had a few issues. “We learned that he really disliked men in wide-brimmed hats, so my husband’s hat stayed on the floor for about a week so Fritz could examine, get comfortable with it and realize it no longer presented a threat to him,” Arena says. The same scenario occurred in other contexts.

She goes on to say that Fritz “loves belly rubs, gives lots of kisses and has decided that he is the official ‘Phillipston Moth Protector.’ Yup, he chases moths outside, catches them then steps on them to save us. The chipmunks don’t dare cross through his fenced yard anymore since they’ve been terrorized by the ‘Great White Hunter’ who comes flying out of nowhere and chases them.”

“What was really incredible to watch unfold,” she adds, “was that Fritz has given Blizzard a reason to run, play and enjoy life, and she is a much happier Westie girl with him in her life.”

The decision to adopt Fritz brought joy to their family. He has definitely been a blessing.

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