7-19-13 Frontier says it’s met W.Va. local service goals

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) – Frontier Communications Corp. officials say the company has met West Virginia regulators’ mandated goals to improve local service.

The Public Service Commission required the improvements when it approved Frontier’s takeover of Verizon’s landline operations in the state in 2010.

The requirements include investing nearly $280 million to improve service quality and increase broadband deployment by the end of 2013. The PSC also required Frontier to ensure that at least 85 percent of households in Verizon’s former network have broadband access by the end of 2014.

“We have met all of those (conditions),” Dana Waldo, Frontier’s senior vice president and general manager in West Virginia, told the Charleston Daily Mail.

Frontier invested more than $300 million in improvements between July 2010 and April 2013, which included improving the system’s quality and increasing access.

During the same period, network problems declined 25 percent, according to company data.

Customer complaints to the PSC also dropped, from more than 1,500 a year in mid-2010 to about 600 complaints in the 12-month period from May 2012 to May 2013.

Byron Harris, director of the PSC’s Consumers Advocate, said more improvement is needed.

“Because Verizon did such a poor job, (Frontier has) shown great improvement, but it’s improvement from a lousy level,” he said. “It’s still not what we’d expect from a telephone company.”

Waldo said Frontier will continue to invest in and expand its network in West Virginia.

3 Comments for “7-19-13 Frontier says it’s met W.Va. local service goals”

  1. I hope that’s not true because they have a very lousy service and from all the complaints from the whole US service area there are not to many happy campers out there under their service. ( Checkout their Facebook page) Whats really bad most can’t switch to another service because none is available to give them alittle competition to get them off their duff to give better service to us. Just because they are getting everyone connected doesn’t mean quality service.

  2. We have had Frontier for eight years and have had nothing but horrible service. The “loading loading loading” message is nothing new to us! And do not even try to stream a movie across Netflix! We are told we are set to receive 1.3 Mbps (you need 3 to stream), however: complete a speed test after 9 pm and we barely get a .54 mbps (yes, there is a decimal before that 5!!)! They have NO competition, except satellite broadband (which you then have to pay for by the Gig) and as an online student that is nearly impossible to fathom!! GRRR!! Come on Frontier! I have been hearing from your CSR’s for over four years about how “we are making strives to improve”…improve what?? I have seen NO improvements and in fact was told by a CSR that I live on an “old” band and will not see the faster service until after those on the newer bands were updated first! Really?? Frontier, let’s get it together!!

  3. I have been VERY dissatisfied with Frontier for a LONG time. Their service is horrible. I’m not sure what goals they are speaking of they’ve met, but i think they better check their records again!!

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