5 09 13 Many local post offices ready for food drive

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ROMNEY — Various post offices in Hampshire County will be participating in some form for   Saturday’s Letter Carrier food drive.

Food will be picked up if left at mailboxes in the Capon Bridge Post Office area.

The postmaster at Shanks post office said people could bring food into the office and it would be taken to the local food pantry.

“I’ve told my carriers to pick up any food set out,” postmaster Lu Ann Rowzee said Thursday morning.

The post office at Yellow Springs sent out cards about the food pick up on Saturday. “People will be using their own bags and our carriers will pick up the food,” said Sandra Spaid, postmaster.

Points, Rio and Delray post office letter carriers will be pick  up food bags as well and taken to the local food bank.

Food left out for Romney letter carriers will be picked up by the local Boy Scouts.

Post offices not participating in the food drive Saturday include Springfield, Slanesville, High View, Bloomery, Capon Springs, Junction-Purgitsville, and Green Spring.

Cathy Yarosky is the communications programs specialist for the USPS.

“Although we encourage all of our offices to be involved in the food drive, it is a volunteer effort. As a result, you may find a few smaller offices — here and there— which do not participate,” said Yarosky.

“However, what typically happens in these cases is customers will still leave food out for collection and our carriers will oftentimes still pick it up.”

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