5-3-13 Wildfire risk continues to grow in the east

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PETERSBURG, W.Va. – National trends show that wildfire risk and the size of many wildfires are growing. The West Virginia Division of Forestry (DOF) continues to educate residents and communities about what they can do to prepare before a wildfire strikes their area. Wildfires DO NOT have to burn everything in their paths.

Some steps that can be taken include:

  • Clear leaves and other debris from gutters, eaves, porches and decks. This prevents embers from igniting your home.
  • Keep your lawn hydrated and maintained. Dry grass and shrubs are fuel for wildfire. If it is brown, cut it down to reduce fire intensity.
  • Remove fuel within 3-5 feet of your home’s foundation and out buildings, including garages and sheds. If it can catch fire, don’t let it touch your house, deck or porch.
  • Remove dead vegetation surrounding your home, within the 30-100 foot area.
  • Wildfire can spread to tree tops. If you have large trees on your property, prune so the lowest branches are 6 to 10 feet high.
  • Don’t let debris and lawn cuttings linger. Dispose of these items quickly to reduce fuel for fire.

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