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“It would appear that “good common sense” actually did prevail in the US Senate yesterday, with the failure of the expanded Federal background checks that had been put before the floor for a vote.  Actually, as I understand it, the process required a 60 vote margin to proceed before the floor for further “amendments”, such as might have been suggested by Senator Feinstein with her assault weapons ban, magazine capacity limits, as well as whatever else might have been contrived by the liberal faction of the Senate.  As it stood, the measure failed to carry by only four votes!

Now, I am a son of Virginia, although I have a great deal of respect for West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, as I do for Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey.  Both Senators were the architects of a compromise which would require a Federal background check a gun show purchases, as well as internet sales of firearms.  On the surface, that seems innocent enough, and certainly none of us want to see firearms fall in the wrong hands. ”

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