Train cars derailed in Romney

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ROMNEY — Three train cars derailed this afternoon at the switching area along the main tracks of the South Branch Valley Railroad located just behind the Romney Business Park.

The cars were a part of a 30-car freight train.Train 001

“Only three derailed. The rest of the train has been moved,” said Cindy Butler, director of SBR in Moorefield.

Regardless, Butler said since the cars are on the main line freight traffic is at a standstill until they are placed back on the rails.

Butler said none of the cars overturned. And she added the trucks (wheels) were on the ground.

“We have emailed an emergency call to derailment companies to put the cars back on the rails,” Butler said.

“They will probably be bringing in a crane or side boom.”

Butler said she didn’t know the reason for the derailment.

It should take several days to put the cars back on the track, depending upon when a derailment company responds.

Photos by Craig See



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