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Just over a month ago Anquan Boldin was a key piece of the Baltimore Ravens climactic reclamation of the Lombardi Trophy.

In the Super Bowl against the 49ers he caught six passes for 104 yards and a touchdown to help seal the dramatic 34-31 victory.

Just two weeks before that he was instrumental in beating the Patriots, snagging five receptions for 60 yards and two more scores.

The stat line of those two playoff games alone would lead any sane, semi-regular observer of the NFL to conclude he was an immovable part of the makeup of the new World Champions.

Um, well, guess again.

Monday evening, while traveling in Africa on a charity mission, Boldin learned he had been traded to those same 49ers he just help beat for a measly sixth-round draft pick.

A salary cap casualty, Boldin was sacrificed and the Ravens viewed the sixth-round pick as at least some minimal compensation.

On one side (the Ravens side) the six-million dollar salary he was due was more than his team wanted to pay, as his cap number wasn’t favorable to their long term plans.

On the other side (Boldin’s, yours truly’s, and every other person on the planet I might wager) it seems six million dollars to the player that might be the most responsible for the team’s first Super Bowl win in 13 seasons might be worth it. Maybe sacrifice someone else?

I honestly can’t fathom what the Ravens were thinking here. In a world of prima donna players and the so often ridiculous entitlement they feel they deserve, I’ve always loved what Boldin brings to the table.

Count 49ers new hotshot quarterback Colin Kaepernick as agreeing with me. “He’s a great player,” Kaepernick said.

“I don’t think you’re going to find anybody in the sixth round to come in and play better than what he’s doing right now.”

Exactly! A sixth-round draft pick versus the astounding 2012-13 post season resume of one of the surest-handed receivers of our generation?

A 10-year veteran, Boldin led Baltimore with 65 catches for 921 yards and four touchdowns in 2012.

His postseason totals this year can’t be ignored, with 16 receptions for 276 yards and those critical three scores I mentioned above.

Baltimore apparently was willing to keep Boldin if he took a two-million dollar pay cut. And this is where it stops making any kind of sense to me.

The Ravens just shelled out 120 million dollars over six seasons to a quarterback that was one hail Mary away from losing in the second round of the playoffs, yet can’t pony up two million dollars more for arguably their best receiver?


Though he probably saw this coming, he said he’d rather retire a champion with the Ravens than move on again, I would imagine he didn’t anticipate being cast aside over a few million dollars.

But those dollars are hard for anyone to ignore and it looks like he’ll be sticking around.

“It was shocking at first,” he said. “But I mean it, for me it is also a good thing. When I look at the organization and what they’re about (the 49ers) and as a football team, the talent that they have, I think it’s good, a good place for me to be.”

Boldin is a classy guy. Granted it’s easier to deal with these changes when you are compensated so well, I’m sure, but no doubt he’ll start probably the last stage of his career with a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

“I would like thank the Ravens fans for their incredible support for myself and my family throughout my years in Baltimore,” he wrote. “I am grateful in getting to know you and will miss what I call home.”

I would imagine Baltimore is going to end up missing you too, Anquan.

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