Groundhog’s BBQ can make your Sunday super

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It’s been estimated that somewhere around six percent of Americans call off work the day after the Super Bowl.

Considering the amount of junk food consumed by many, it’s safe to say some people are actually sick and not just faking it or dealing with a hangover.

Until the movement to make that Monday a national holiday catches on, it’s best to attack the buffet with moderation.

While many people order pizza or wings, some go all out and look at the event as an opportunity to showcase their culinary skills.

Hampshire County resident David “Groundhog” Bridges is one of them. He cooks up some gourmet pulled pork for the big game.

He was willing to share a few of his secrets and clued us in to the method in his madness.

“I get a 10 pound pork loin. I inject it with apple cider, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and some spices. Then, I coat it in a product called “sticky fingers butt rub”.  I also add a layer of brown sugar and salt and pepper.

“I cook it low and slow on the grill over hickory wood chips soaked in water. I cook it for between 10 and 12 hours.

“After it’s cooked, I pull it and let it soak in its own juices until served. I let people put BBQ sauce if desired, but it really isn’t needed.”

Groundhog also offered his two cents about his favorite sauce. “I only use Sweet Baby Ray’s,” he said, adding, “It’s the best.”

Whether you enjoy the football, the cooking or just the eating, Super Bowl Sunday has evolved into a pretty big holiday for many.

Groundhog will be joined at his house by a few close friends to watch the game and eat his creation. It’s a scene likely to be common across Hampshire County and the rest of the country this Sunday.

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