State could move WVSDB

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ROMNEY — State education officials are studying whether to relocate the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind rather than renovate the campus here.

When the state board meets again Feb. 13-14 in Charleston it likely will hear a report on costs associated with the two options.

The discussion about moving came up unexpectedly at the January state board meeting. WVSDB Superintendent Lynn Boyer was making a request that the board ask the legislature for $3.4 million to pair with $1 million granted by the School Building Authority when the questions began.

“That has not been a topic of conversation previously,” Boyer told West Virginia Public Radio, “so I wasn’t prepared that day to offer very many answers to their questions but I did not find it to be an unreasonable question to ask.”

ZMM Inc., the Charleston architectural firm that put together the campus renovation plan Boyer was requesting funds for, has been hired to determine the cost to build new schools in another location.

WVPR reported that ZMM is looking at the costs of building in the Clarksburg-Fairmont area or near Charleston.

WVSDB currently has about 120 students from 30 counties enrolled in Romney. The facility is the second-largest employer in Hampshire County.

2 Comments for “State could move WVSDB”

  1. Charleston.., Go figure

  2. Apparently we need to see who is in charge, and fie them for wasting money by moving the school. Years ago they built new buildings on the campus. What the real thing is politics again as usual. hope you can find enough teachers if these don’t move and then go to Virginia to work, If you are going to mess with te school, just mainstream the deaf so they can really get angry

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