Leone to be offered superintendent’s job

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ROMNEY — Marianna Leone will likely be offered the job as the next superintendent of Hampshire County Schools Tuesday night.

The agenda for Tuesday’s meeting, starting at 6 p.m. at Hampshire High School, includes an item at the end that reads:  “Mr. Mathias will recommend that the Board hire Marianna Leone as Superintendent  effective July 1, 2013 on a one (1) year contract ending June 30, 2014 at $90,000.00 per year.”

Gerald Mathias, the board president said this morning that the vote is a culmination of a series of discussions the board had on the leadership position.

“We’ve met several times trying to come to this agreement,” he said. “It’s just taken us a while to do that.”

The board went behind closed doors for three consecutive meetings to discuss the position.

Leone has been serving as interim superintendent since Aug. 31, the day after Robin Lewis stepped down as Hampshire County superintendent on Aug. 30 to take a job at RESA 8 in Beckley.

Mathias said he expects the motion to pass unanimously.

“I’m very pleased that Marianna is going to take another year as superintendent,” he said.

State law requires county boards to hire a superintendent between Jan. 1 and June 1 to take office on July 1. Interim appointees, like Leone, typically serve until June 30 when a vacancy occurs during the school year.

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