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“Most people think they can identify the homeless by their appearance or vehicle. It is not that easy, especially in campgrounds or RV parks which host an entire sub-culture of homeless folks I call the American Nomads. I know them because I am one of them.

With life wrapped around travel and freedom, outdoor sports and activities, the love of nature and the excitement of new adventures, we truly are the Nomads of North America. By strict definition Nomads are homeless, but do not consider themselves as such because they have all sorts of homes, usually on wheels. The variety is amazing, from bicycles to buses and everything in-between. Sleeping and/or living quarters are towed, folded up, stuffed in a bag or driven. I have met the most interesting and wonderful people of my life while traveling in this manner. Several of them lived in canvas tepees, many in modern tents, most in some sort of camper (tent trailer, travel trailer, cabover camper, camper van, 5th wheel) and of course the most popular conveyance, the recreational vehicle, dubbed ‘RV.’ It means motorhome, but people these days like modern abbreviated labels that are catchy and quick, sort of ‘designer English.’ It makes them sound in-the-know, especially when the person they are talking to has to ask, “What?” It is also sometimes annoying.”

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