Second leak found in CHPSD system

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There is another leak in the Central Hampshire Public Service District water system, this time suspected to be in the Dogwood area, that is creating more water problems and  leaving Augusta without water this morning.

The initial water leak found in an 8-inch pipe near Jolin Concrete in Shanks was fixed Wednesday. Officials said Augusta would have water.

However, as of Wednesday night officials at Central Hampshire Public Service District said they couldn’t keep water in the tank at Sunrise Summit and they suspect there is another leak (s).

James Hoffman, general manager of CHPSD, said after the leak in Shanks was fixed the water in the Sunrise Summit tank wasn’t filling.

The system is connected through a series of pipes and valves.

“We had to shut off the valve at Judy’s Mobile. That valve controls the water going to Augusta,” said Hoffman.

“We can’t have the hospital and nursing home in Sunrise Summit  without water.”

Hoffman said until the leak is found and fixed, customers should conserve water.

Augusta customers are under a boil water advisory.

“I again am asking the public to keep their eyes open and help us find the leak in the Dogwood area,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman said Hampshire County Emergency Services is preparing a tanker for Augusta residents to get water.

“The tank should be delivered to the CHPSD office area sometime today,” said Hoffman.

That water also has to be boiled.


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