County 4-H’ers demonstrate creative skills

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ROMNEY — County 4-H members demonstrated their creative talents during this year’s 4-H Poster Contest. Posters were judged and put on display in the Hampshire County Public Library Nov. 13-27. Hampshire County 4-H’ers could choose from the following categories: 4-H Promotion, which strives to increase awareness of the 4-H youth development program for self and others; 4-H Health, Nutrition and Food Safety, which focuses on awareness of health, nutrition and food safety; 4-H Litter, Recycling and Environment, which strives to increase awareness of environmental issues such as litter control, conservation and safe water supply; 4-H Dairy, which focuses on milk and other dairy products and their important nutrient value; and 4-H Safety, which emphasizes safety in the areas of fire prevention and survival, farm safety, water safety and highway safety.

4-H’ers show creativity skills during this year’s poster contest. (left to right) Kelsey Feller, Tyler Swisher and Kayla Didawick
4-H’ers show creativity skills during this year’s poster contest. (left to right) Kelsey Feller, Tyler Swisher and Kayla Didawick

Poster entries selected to compete at the state level will be judged and displayed at WVU Jackson’s Mill and the West Virginia State Fair. 4-H members in this year’s poster are as follows; 4-H Promotion Entries: Zane Sine, Kayla Didawick, Marissa Simmons, Destiny Snyder, Hannah Sutphin, Kelsey Feller, Adrianna Haines and Susannah Sine; 4-H Litter, Recycling & Environment: Brittany Nelson, Adrianna Haines, Amelia Hicks, Jayson Miletta, Natali Haines, Ali Ginevan, Gracie Frey, Tyler Smelser, Alex Nelson and Hannah Sutphin; 4-H Health, Nutrition, and Food Safety: Adrianna Haines, Tyler Swisher, Amanda Twigg and Susannah Sine; 4-H Dairy: Kelsey Feller, Adrianna Haines, Allison Twigg, Hannah Sutphin, Alexa VanMeter, Isaac Boyce and Heather Sylvester; 4-H Safety: Katie Allen; 4-H Cloverbud Entries: Vanessa Hicks, Elleigh Coleman, Gracie Simmons and Eliza Vanmeter.

County entries selected for statewide competition are as follows; 4-H Promotion, Senior Division:  Kayla Didawick; 4-H Promotion, Junior Division: Marissa Simmons; 4-H Health, Nutrition, and Food Safety, Junior Division: Amanda Twigg; 4-H Litter, Recycling & Environment, Junior Division: Hannah Sutphin; 4-H Litter, Recycling & Environment, Senior Division: Tyler Smelser; 4-H Safety, Senior Division:  Katie Allen; 4-H Dairy, 3rd Grade to 11 Years. Division: Adrianna Haines, Allison Twigg and Hannah Sutphin; 4-H Dairy, 12-14 Years. Division: Isaac Boyce and 4-H Dairy, 15-21 Years. Division: 

Congratulations to all 4-H’ers who entered a poster in this year’s contest. You are to be commended for your hard work. A special thank you to the Hampshire County Library for allowing 4-H’ers to display their posters. Thank you to the Hampshire County 4-H Leader’s Association for supplying ribbons for the contest. Thank you to this year’s 4-H volunteer leader poster committee: Susan Parker, Rhonda Baker and Leah Kidner.

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