11 21 12 Mystery water leak, water tanker at Food Lion lot (Update No. 2)

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ROMNEY — The Hampshire County Emergency Service office will be placing an 8,000-gallon tanker truck full of drinkable water at the Food Lion Parking lot this afternoon.

“I’m not sure exactly what time it will get there. Anyone needing water can fill bottles and containers free,” said James Hoffman, general manager of Central Hampshire Public Service District.

Hoffman said people in Serenity Heights, old and new Sunrise probably do not have water.

“If we don’t find the leak they won’t have water all weekend,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman said at 3:15 today that crews have still not been able to find the leak, which was discovered Nov. 9.

Hoffman said, “I am asking residents to be vigilant in watching for running water down ditches or anything unusual regarding water puddles.”

The West Virginia Rural Water Association has been helping hunt for the leak. They have left the county for the holiday. Hoffman said they plan to return on Monday and continue to help with the hunt.

Call Central Hampshire Public Service District at 304-496-8882 if you have any information that might help locate the leak.

The Hampshire Review will continue following this story and post information as it is provided.

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