11 21 12 Mystery water leak still not found (Update No. 1)

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AUGUSTA — Residents in the Sunrise Summit area will probably be without water during the holiday.

James Hoffman, general manager of Central Hampshire Public Service District, said at noon today, “Some residents in the Sunrise Summit area will be without water.”

Hoffman said the water service would fluctuate back and forth throughout the holiday weekend.

“We still can’t find the leak. We’ve shut off valves, isolated valves, checked a couple hundred meters and used pressure regulators, and nothing,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman said the system continues to pump 300,000 gallons a day, which should be around 200,000 gallons.

“We’ve lost well over a million gallons so far,” said Hoffman.

The leak was discovered Nov. 9 during regular pump inspection.

Hoffman said, “I am asking residents to be vigilant in watching for running water down ditches or anything unusual regarding water puddles.”

The West Virginia Rural Water Association has been helping hunt for the leak. They have left the county for the holiday. Hoffman said they plan to return on Monday and continue to help with the hunt.

Call Central Hampshire Public Service District at 304-496-8882 if you have any information that might help locate the leak.

The Hampshire Review will continue following this story and post information as it is provided.

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