‘Stripe the Stadium’ for the first Big 12 conference game

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MORGANTOWN, W.VA. — Organizers of West Virginia University’s first-ever “Stripe the Stadium” day are confident fans will participate giving Milan Puskar Stadium a unique look for WVU’s first-ever Big 12 Conference football game, according to state news sources.

Athletic Dept. Marketing Director Matt Wells says those sitting in the even sections at the stadium, fans in Touchdown Terrace and students in the upper deck should wear gold to Saturday’s game against Baylor. While those fans sitting in the odd numbered sections and the lower deck of the student body should wear blue.

Wells says the Gold Rush of recent years has caught on and there’s no reason to believe this promotion will not.

“At both the Marshall and Maryland games this year the stadium was predominately gold,” Wells said. “So we wanted to do something a little bit different because it is the first Big 12 game. To try something special for that game and we thought this was worth giving a shot.”

Will the Mountaineer players who choose the uniform colors each week go along with the promotion? Wells is hopeful.

“We certainly put in that request,” he said. “I think it’s a good sign that they chose gray last week that there will be some kind of combination of gold and blue out there on the field Saturday.”

The “Stripe the Stadium” idea is used in other venues. Wells says the University of Iowa and Boise State have both had success with it.

The WVU Athletic Dept. first announced the promotion 50 days ago so Wells hopes a lot of fans already know about it, according to state news sources.

Kick-off for WVU vs. Baylor is scheduled for noon Saturday.

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  1. Was a great game and the stadium looked nice with it striped like that!!!

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